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Welcome to our Loncin parts, informational, website. This site is meant to helpLoncin CG engine you find the Loncin parts you are searching for.

We are going to attempt to help you understand a bit more about your Loncin engine or Loncin made ATV or motorbike. We are China Parts Depot.com™ and our goal is to help you get the service you need so that you can continually enjoy the benefits of owning a Loncin product.

First, you should be aware that Loncin is one of the larger engine, ATV, scooter and motorcycle manufacturers in China. Loncin itself is located in the most populated city in the world, Chongqing, and is one of the larger companies in this industry. Still finding the parts you need can be a challenge and that is where China Parts Depot.com™ comes in. We strive to get you the parts you need in the shortest time possible. We have had staff in China for over 4 years now and we work hard with out partner there to bring you the parts and support you need.

Chinese made machines are not quite the same as buying parts for the more main line brands such as the Japanese made Honda or Yamaha. With Chinese machines, often there are not consistent part numbers to make it easy for you to find the parts you need. Because of this more work on your part is needed to ensure you get the correct parts for your Loncin engine, ATV, scooter, dirt bike, or motorcycle.

Do as many of these following steps as possible so that our chances of getting you the right part will increase exponentially;

  • Take a digital picture of the part you need.

  • Take a digital picture of the machine itself.

  • Find the manufacturers name plate and get us the manufacturers name off of it. (This is usually a metal plate that is close to the front of your machine attached to the frame. But it may also be a decal.)

  • If you are looking for a motor part, there will be a model number on the engine, usually on the lower left side, please take that down.

  • Then put all of this information together and e-mail it to us at parts@chinapartsdepot.com.

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This page was last updated on October 01, 2011